Episode Guides

At this point, I've created enough of these that I might as well start linking them here. :)

Catch 21 (Ribeiro/Padilla): Episode Guide

Deal or No Deal (Syndicated): Episode Guide

Double Dare (CBS): Episode Guide

Hollywood Showdown Episode Guide

The Joker's Wild (CBS): 1972-1973 Episode Guide

Lingo (GSN): Season 2 Episode Guide (mainly created as a personal checklist for myself)

Pass the Buck Episode Guide

Game Show Collection

Last updated: March 31, 2020

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A+ = Like New quality (HD recordings only)

A = Excellent quality (This will be the maximum grade for non-HD recordings; almost everything I've recorded from October 2010 onward will have this grade)

A- = Great quality

B+ = Very good quality (This will be the maximum grade for VHS recordings)

B = Good quality

B- = Okay quality

C+ = Average quality

C = Subpar quality

C- = Below average quality

D+ = Bad quality

D = Terrible quality

D- = Barely watchable quality

F = Unwatchable quality

Newest additions


Catch 21 (GSN, 2008-2011)

The ClassH-Room (WTXF-TV, 2018-present)



Jeopardy! (Syndicated, 1984-present)

The Joker's Wild (CBS, 1972-1975)

Lingo (GSN, 2002-2007)





Pilots and foreign game shows

Non-game shows

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